An automatic wet wipes machine for flat pack (baby wipes) and crossfolded products (cosmetic wipes) .

Product Specification

Flex21 Specification

A new patent-pending technology brings you the first ever fully automatic machine designed for both Flat Pack (Baby Wipes) and Cross Folded wipes in a very compact size, both with pop-up! 

It can make virtually any amount of wipes/stack and still have pop up between each wipe without using glue. Wipe sizes are changed instantly and simple changeover parts allows you to do almost any stack width. 

How does it work:
The machine slits a parent roll, optionally length fold, add lotion, perforate, cross fold and stack.
Parent roll:
Many possibilities. Most common is C, V & Z­ fold, plus cross fold
Folded in the pop-up / right direction
This means that the wet wipes are folded in a way that allows them to be pulled out from the width side, which makes them stronger and less likely to tear or rip during use.

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We have machines almost all over the world, from Colombia and United States to Poland, France and Tjeckia.I hope you find the information on our web site interesting and if you work in our field we are more than interested to get in touch with you.

Chairman & Marketing Director, Örjan Winkvist

INDA Member and Rockwell Automation OEM Gold Partner