Research AB was founded in 1953 as a coating laboratory working mainly for the Swedish paper industry. During the years the company has developed into something rather different from the origin.

Research AB made its first rewinder over 40 years ago. This machine was early established as the industry standard for soft materials as for example non wovens for wet wipes. Recently the working principle has been copied by one of our competitors (thank you for the recognition!). Copy makers are however not a big problem for us – they will always be far behind since we make continuous improvement.

Our first folder for dry and big products – for example table cloths or surgical drapes was also made three decades ago. Through out the years this machine has been developed into the most flexible machine on the market! 10-260cm in cut off length in the same machine for example!

Research AB has made its ”baby wipes machine” for approximately 30 years. This is today a very simple to operate and flexible alternative.

20 years ago we made our first cross folder for wet wipes – QF-1000 – this is today the best machine on the market – it is so good so our biggest competitor has given up their machine – they are too far behind technically at the same time as they have no chance to beat our low costs! 

In 2003 our manager since over 30 years – Mr Jan Pihl – retired and left over the leadership to Mr Örjan Winkvist that has been working with us since 1997.

During all these years we have had our facilities close to Stockholm. In 2018 we moved in to a new factory in Täby – a suburb just north of Stockholm – close to the main airport – Arlanda.

 Today we deliver machines to customers almost all over the world – e.g. France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States…etc! We are proud to say that we find both the biggest converters in the world and smaller start ups among our customers.

We have machines almost all over the world, from Colombia and United States to Poland, France and Tjeckia.I hope you find the information on our web site interesting and if you work in our field we are more than interested to get in touch with you.

Chairman & Marketing Director, Örjan Winkvist

INDA Member and Rockwell Automation OEM Gold Partner