Highlights in INDEX23


We are excited to share with you our recent participation in INDEX23, the world’s leading exhibition for nonwovens, held in Geneva. As a converting machine manufacturer, it was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our latest converting technology, connect with industry experts, and stay up-to-date with the latest nonwoven trends. 

We are proud to have received such a positive response from visitors to our booth, and we believe that our innovative and sustainable converting solutions have garnered much interest among the attendees. It was an enriching experience for us to interact with customers, partners, and industry peers. 

In case you missed the opportunity to visit us at INDEX23, we would like to share some highlights of our latest converting machines and technology with you: 

Flex21 A new patent-pending technology brings you the first ever fully automatic machine designed for both Flat Pack (e.g. baby wipes) and Cross Folded (e.g. cosmetic wipes) wipes in a very compact size, both with pop-up!  
Double unwind  Unwind 2 parent rolls to double the capacity! 
Contact us now for further information / videos!

We also offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs further, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and we thank you for your continued support.

W-560 Upgraded Rewinder – One in Stock!


Today the most common projects for new machines are the bigger, high capacity machines W-1250* & W-1680*.  If you want to have more information, please contact us for videos or more details.  

However, there are many old machines made by us in production all over the world. Of these, many are the smaller version W-560. Our machines can run for several decades but after 20 years we think it is time for a big overhaul. By doing this the reliability, safety and capacity can be greatly improved. 

W-560 Upgrade Mother Roll

Recently we have delivered a completely upgraded machine W-560, it was originally manufactured 24 years ago.  The customer is very impressed by the upgrade we did – it is as new.  If we didn’t tell, one would think it is a completely new machine. Interested to see a video? Contact us now  – cs@rcmab.se  

W-560 Upgrade Slitting, Perforating

What does a complete upgrade include?

  • Enhanced capacity
  • Recipe system, increased automation and flexibility
  • New electronic parts including motors and PLC 
  • Complete mechanical overhaul, new bearings, shafts, paint, guards…. 
  • 1-year remote access service support included 
  • Safety system including CE mark 

Right now, we have a W-560 in stock ready for upgrade and order.  Drop us a message if you want to explore more – cs@rcmab.se 

*W-1680 = max. Parent roll width 1680mm 
W-1250 = max. Parent roll width 1250mm 
W-560 = max. Parent roll width 560mm 

Spare Parts Team and Razorblades Special Offer


Razorblades 25€/ set

To work with our customer more closely, we are improving our spare parts department efficiency and response time. From now on, you are welcome to send an order request to parts@rcmab.se and we will reply within 2 working days.  

Moreover, we are improving our inventory system and keeping more stocks on the common spare parts.  Later this year, we will launch a spare parts page which you can order / see the stock of the common parts and we can send the parts within 5 working days.  Stay tuned. 

We have machines almost all over the world, from Colombia and United States to Poland, France and Tjeckia.I hope you find the information on our web site interesting and if you work in our field we are more than interested to get in touch with you.

Chairman & Marketing Director, Örjan Winkvist

INDA Member and Rockwell Automation OEM Gold Partner